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"Readers will be charmed and inspired as Cummings reconciles herself to, and situates herself in, a post-cancer life....The book is poised to reonate with those who have shared Cummings's health concerns and with women in general, as body image issues are a recurrent theme....Tfhe triumphs of the book's final pages perfectly punctuate this celebratory work."  --  ForeWord Reviews


"Funny, honest and hopeful...Not a routine breast cancer memoir...Focus is on life in survival mode...It left me wanting more chapters!"  -- Breast Cancer







Adventures of a One-Breasted Woman

The intrepid women of the Vernon Literary & Wine Society

"A rare one...I got right into it and didn't put it down...Cummings is able to cut straight to the hilarious in the midst of her fears of the unknown.  A wonderful writer, she shows herself without guile--authentic and delightful...Terrific book!"  --  Joanna Bull, Founder, Gilda's Club Worldwide


"A must read for anyone dealing with breast cancer or body image issues!"  --  Judith Rabinor, Ph.D., Director, American Eating Disorders Center/LI, Psychotherapist, Author


"An extraordinarily well-writen account, full of self-deprecating humor, of the roller-coaster emotions that accompany [breast cancer], including the threat mstectomy presents to a woman's self-image.  Ultimately Cummings emerges to a new life with confidence and hope."  --  Christine Ordway, Nurse Practitioner, MSN, APRN-BC, caregiver to breast cancer patients


"A great book which astounded me--the humor, information, the energy of it, the way she used art to heal.  The book buoys up the reader, providing strength, humor, courage and moxie.  An important and wonderful book."  --  Marian Kelner, WMBC Radio


"The book is amazing!"  --  Joe Donahue, The Roundtable, WAMC


"Cummings...has written a memoir that will resonate with women whether they are just beginning their breast cancer journey or...are years out from their diagnosis.  Cummings manages to reclaim her moxie after breast cancer, and provides a heatfelt and useful template for those of us following in her footsteps."  --


"The minute I picked up your book at the Blum Library at Dana Farber, I could not put it down...Thank you!"  --  M. Littlefield, breast cancer survivor


"Honestly written...with lots of humor (I laughed outloud many times)....Exposing the fears and inner thoughts involved...Breast cancer survivors will apppreciate the book... and also health care providers...Great book."  --  Paulet Farquharson, MSW, LCSW-R, OSW-C, Stony Brook University Medical Center

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