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"At times we were falling off our chairs laughing."!"


"I have tears in my eyes.  So moving.  So well done."


"Well written, well acted and very inspirational!"


"Great story fabulously told!"





Body image one-woman theater show

Susan Cummings’ new one-woman show, “Adventures in Liking My Looks: ‘Normal Must Be So Boring!” is a funny, spirited, sometimes poignant journey to discovering that her non-“normal” body is beautiful, and that someone else might find her beautiful too.


Cummings’ journey takes her to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, to art therapy and ballroom dance lessons, to London.  A certain green vine turns out to be pivotal.  Cummings tells her story with the help of over 12 characters and a bit of music.



“I hope the show nudges and inspires the audience to realize that each of their bodies is uniquely beautiful, that all of our bodies are parts of the beautiful human palette.”


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